Joe Kaufman speaks at Chabad Chai Center

Thank you to the Chabad Chai Center for inviting me to speak. #joekaufmanforcongress #votejoe


Joe Kaufman speaks at Davie Realtor Forum

Davie Realtor Forum. Emily and I, along with our little assistant, had a great time. As usual, Debbie was nowhere to be found.






Joe Kaufman and Family Attend Venezuela Demonstration

Today and always, we are with our friends and family in Venezuela. We are looking forward to the day that Maduro goes to jail for his crimes. !Estamos contigo Venezuela! #sosvenezuela


Joe Kaufman on Joyce Kaufman Show

At 2:30 pm, turn your radio on. I will be on the Joyce Kaufman show. 850 WFTL. Joe Kaufman for Congressjoyce kaufmanad1

Joe Kaufman on the Andrew Wilkow Show

At 1:20 pm, turn your SiriusXM radio onto the Andrew Wilkow Show with host Jonathan Gilliam to hear Joe Kaufman discuss his race against Debbie Wasserman Schultz.#joekaufmanusa
SiriusXM Patriot radio, SiriusXM Patriot 125


New Hampshire.

New Hampshire.

Joe Kaufman Victory

Dear friends,

On Tuesday, August 30th, we had an overwhelming victory in the Republican primary. We received close to 75% of the vote! I want to thank everyone who helped us get this far, especially our volunteers who helped us get out the vote and work the polls during early voting and Election Day. Now, it is time to move forward to the defeat of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Last night, I sent a note to her primary opponent, Tim Canova, for running a great race. He was truly a better candidate and person than Wasserman Schultz. My appeal to his and Bernie Sanders voters is to vote their conscience and help me bring down the establishment, which Debbie represents. When I get to Washington, I will be the servant to all of my constituents, whether they are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or anything in between.

– Joe Kaufman


Joe Kaufman Wins Primary Election

Thank you to all who came yesterday to celebrate our amazing victory with us. Thank you to my friend Joyce Kaufman who was the keynote speaker and to everyone who packed the house at Quarterdeck!

Vote Joseph “Joe” Kaufman

Election day Joe Kaufman

Election Night Victory Party


Joe Kaufman speaks at Prayer Breakfast for Christian Family Coalition. With Anthony Verdugo.