Clarity On The Issues


Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

We must seal our borders. We are the only country in the world that allows people to enter illegally, thus risking the security of our nation.

It is an enormous risk.

The State Department has recognized that a number of terror cells within the United States have been created due to terrorists entering our country through the Mexican border.

Between terrorists and drug dealers, the American residents at the border are at great risk and peril.

It is the obligation of the United States Government to put their safety first.

Our immigration laws were established for two reasons: to protect the American people and to protect jobs in America.

Enforcing these laws now is even more important than it has been in the past.

We have had effective immigration laws in place for decades; we just need to enforce them.

Today we have the technology to establish an e-verify system that will make enforcement an easy task.

Where most controversy lies is with amnesty.

Americans are a compassionate people, who want, as we always have, to welcome the poor, weary and oppressed.  

However, a fundamental cornerstone of America is that we are a nation of laws.

We must reject any notion of rewarding law breaking. That is why I do not support amnesty.

I will, however, work with both parties to establish an expanded guest worker program to protect American farmers and allow foreign laborers to work and reside in the United States.

Legal immigration must be streamlined and made inexpensive.

The current bureaucracy causes years of waiting and thousands of dollars in costs that many cannot afford.

Legal immigrants who receive sponsorships must be protected from abuse and be allowed to seek employment in addition to that which they do for their sponsor.

This is not only financially beneficial to our immigrants but it would, as well, provide an economic boost to our country.

Those coming to America the right way with exceptional skills should never be punished for seeking freedom.

By reforming the system legal immigration will be available to all and the alternative will become unnecessary.

Legislation addressing these issues needs to be passed if we are going to enjoy the rewards of being a great melting pot.