Clarity On The Issues

NSA, Privacy and Individual Liberty

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

One of the guiding principles of the framers of our Constitution was to protect the privacy of our nation’s citizens.

It was designed to guarantee not only our right to privacy but protection against unlawful search and seizure and in general the tyranny of government;  a principle which has survived in the face of criminal activity, countless wars, communism, and political enemies. 

No matter how heinous the threat, the principle was paramount and super ceded the threat. 

Enter the NSA, a government agency of mammoth proportions created to gather information on every citizen of America.

This includes both public and private information. 

The NSA has removed the firewall between you and your government. 

Terrorism is not a valid reason to remove your Constitutional protections, no more than King George had the right to kick in doors and search the homes and establishments of Colonists in the name of security. 

The times may have changed, but the concept is the same; you must have probable cause. 

When elected, I will stand with my fellow Congresspersons who support the idea that the right to privacy must be restored. 

Let the NSA confine its intelligence gathering to those who have suspicious backgrounds or activities.  

Require the NSA to prove probable cause before a judge, in order to gain authorization to access private information.

This would fit into historical perspective and serve to protect our personal rights.

We must never compromise or surrender our rights based on a perceived need by the government. We must protect those rights which we hold sacred.