Clarity On The Issues

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

When Debbie Wasserman Schultz enthusiastically accepted the offer to become head of the Democratic Party, she put her self-interest ahead of her constituency.

Instead of protecting her district’s interests, she pledged her unwavering support to the policies of Barack Obama.

She decided to choose the President as her master and not the public.

She has displayed arrogance towards the will of the people, using deceit and incendiary discourse.

She has repeatedly claimed that you could keep your insurance and keep your doctor, when she knew it was a lie.

She claimed to have no knowledge of the removal of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from the Democratic platform, while serving as Chairperson of the Democratic Party.

She falsely stated that the Israeli ambassador called Republicans “dangerous” to Israel. When the Washington Examiner quoted Ambassador Michael Oren denying making such a statement, Schultz attacked the Examiner as a liar.

A video immediately surfaced of Schultz making the statement, word for word, as printed in the Examiner while conducting a training session for Jewish Democrats.

She represents the worst face of politics.

She employs a destructive political discourse, lodging revolting accusations without any evidence, pitting American against American, doing whatever is necessary for her own benefit, regardless of the harm it causes Americans, and lying without shame or apology.

We can do better and must demand better.

Let’s restore sanity and decency to Washington. We will all be better off.