Clarity On The Issues

Small Businesses & Corporations

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

Having a strong and vibrant American economy is a must, and as Congressman, it will be the first priority.

We need to create an environment that is conducive to business.

Keeping taxes and regulations at a minimum will allow businesses to thrive, and doing so will attract new businesses to the United States and to local communities, here in South Florida.

Cutting regulations will free up banks to provide more business loans.

As Congressman, I will assist already existing businesses and also those entrepreneurs whose ideas lead to the latest and greatest start-ups.

When local businesses shut down and big corporations move their operations overseas, Middle-Class Americans are affected most.

To bring back these jobs, we must provide incentives for small and big business alike.

Minimizing taxes and regulations locally will allow small businesses to remain open and thrive.

We have all seen those shopping centers that look like ghost towns, and with the right policies, we can easily prevent this scenario.

Lowering the corporate tax rate, which the Trump Administration has done, will bring back businesses which left the US and help repatriate trillions of dollars back into the US economy.