Joe Kaufman

Why Joe Kaufman

Friends, I am proud to be a fiscal, pro-life, compassionate Conservative. The following are some of the issues I feel passionately about:

America First!

Serving in public office holds significant responsibility. As a soon-to-be Congressman, I am committed to putting America First. It’s time to prioritize our nation’s interests by bringing back manufacturing jobs from China, ensuring products are made right here in the USA. By lowering taxes on businesses and workers, we’ll fuel economic growth and prosperity. Additionally, I’m committed to securing our borders, protecting American jobs, and maintaining our sovereignty. Together, let’s build a stronger, more self-reliant America for future generations. I refuse to let my daughter bear the burden of someone else’s irresponsible fiscal and political decisions.

Border Security and Immigration

My wife, Emily, came to the United States by way of Peru and Israel. She did so the right way – legally. I was with her, when she proudly obtained her citizenship. She worked hard for it, and she is offended when individuals cross our border illegally and many times with bad intent and without background checks. Drugs and human trafficking are real issues that threaten not just Americans, but the most vulnerable who make their way to our country. It is why we need a secure border wall – to protect those on both sides of the border and to encourage future Americans to come here the right way, via lawful immigration rather than illegal immigration.

Debt and Inflation

Out of control spending by the Biden Administration has driven deficits and debt to unsustainable heights and has placed our nation and our children’s future in peril. It is the reason why the cost of food and goods is skyrocketing. Our 10-year-old daughter is growing up with the understanding that BOGO at the supermarket is not just a perk, it’s a necessity. Democrats – and Republicans – should grasp the fact that taxpayer dollars are not their own, and limits to spending are a requirement and not a trivial matter to ignore. We must combat Biden Administration spending with fiscal responsibility with the goal of economic stability.


I am a strong proponent of School Choice, empowering parents, whose children are struggling in the public school system, with more options. Charter schools and educational scholarships for private schools have proven to be effective alternatives. Research also shows that introducing these options has notably enhanced the performance of underperforming public schools, due to competition. My family, like many others, is religious. As such, it is vital for my wife and I to provide our daughter with a religious education. Scholarships or vouchers are crucial, as they make it possible for us to afford an education that reflects our beliefs and values.

Energy Independence

America, including Florida, boasts stunning natural landscapes that require funding for preservation. However, abandoning our main energy sources threatens our nation’s wealth and environmental stability and makes us reliant on our adversaries, like Maduro in Venezuela, for needed supplies. Being energy independent is vital. Energy fuels mobility, security, production, and job creation. Shouting about a “climate crisis” is nothing more than fearmongering and ignores the one thing that is necessary to protect the environment – money. We can be good stewards of our planet, without sacrificing American jobs and American prosperity.

Israel and Iran

If you ask me where I stand on Israel, my answer is unequivocal – with unshakeable solidarity. Israel is not just America’s ally; she is a beacon of freedom and strength in a tumultuous region plagued by violence. The October 7 massacre perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli civilians was personal for me, as my wife and I have much family in Israel. I will never waver in my support for Israel’s right (and obligation) to defend herself, because as goes Israel, so goes the United States! I look forward to the day that the Iranian regime is gone and its proxies destroyed, so that Israel will finally be able to live in peace with her neighbors. #AmYisraelChai

Military and First Responders

Every day, the exceptional men and women of the US military, law enforcement, and fire departments risk their lives to protect us. They deserve the utmost support. It’s important to show gratitude to troops and first responders with a simple gesture of thanks whenever we encounter them. It is why my family and I proudly display the ‘thin blue line’ on our vehicles and why we mourn the loss of our brave American heroes serving abroad. In Congress, I will fearlessly advocate for the needs of our police, fire personnel, and military forces, whether it’s ensuring access to better equipment, fair compensation, or needed upgrades for fire houses.


I initially moved to South Florida to take care of my grandmother, who was battling COPD, a severe respiratory condition. My grandparents had raised me, and it was my responsibility to support her in her time of need. I want the elderly community to understand that I stand by them and will not abandon them in Congress. I do not view Social Security or Medicare as handouts or “entitlements.” These are programs that seniors have earned through their hard work, and they deserve every penny of these benefits. As your soon-to-be Congressman, I will oppose any efforts to reduce these benefits that countless Americans have worked tirelessly to earn.

Term Limits

I believe it is time we shake things up in Washington, D.C. and bring some fresh perspectives to the table. That’s why I am a strong supporter of term limits for U.S. Congress. Serving in public office is a privilege and an honor, but sometimes, politicians get a little too comfortable in their seats. By implementing term limits, we ensure that our government remains dynamic and responsive to the needs of the people. It’s about bringing in new voices, new ideas and new energy to keep our democracy thriving. I embrace term limits for a stronger, more accountable government that works for all of us.

U.S. Constitution (1A & 2A)

For me, the United States Constitution is not just a document; it is the very foundation of our nation’s values and freedoms. The First Amendment is the beating heart of our republic, guaranteeing us the right to speak our minds and practice our faith without fear. The Second Amendment safeguards our individual liberties, allowing us to protect our families and stand strong against tyranny. As your soon-to-be Congressman, I am dedicated to defending and preserving these precious, God-given rights, and I will stand in the way of anyone who attempts to lessen or remove them.

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